One Love Ice Cream Funds Jamaican Youth Camp

How an ice cream company is making a difference for youth...

If your ‘one love’ is ice cream, you’re in luck. Ben and Jerry’s One Love ice cream flavor is now available in Europe and the USA!

One Love ice cream has been available in Europe since 2015, but last May 22 saw the launch of the flavor in the USA at The One Love Session, hosted by Ziggy Marley along with Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Jerry Greenfield at the Roxy Hollywood Theater in Los Angeles.

Together with partners Ben & Jerry’s and the Bob Marley Foundation, we launched the One Love Youth Camp in Jamaica in 2015 to honor Bob Marley’s Legacy and empower youth. So far, the program has provided creative facilitation training to 70 teachers and camp experiences for 140 teens. The program is funded entirely from the sales of Ben and Jerry’s One Love flavor ice cream.

So gather your friends and family, enjoy some One Love ice cream, and put on some Bob Marley for a fun way to support the One Love Youth Camp.

Big thanks to our incredible program partners Ben and Jerry’s and The Bob Marley Foundation.

Click the picture below to watch the full launch event, including a performance of Bob Marley’s legendary song “One Love” by Ziggy Marley and our facilitator Aaron Nigel Smith!


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