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Yes, Let’s . . .

This game engages the imagination, body, and voice and fosters a “yes” atmosphere in your group.

Yes, And

This imagination-based storytelling game works with groups from 5 years old and up. The game ignites the imagination, develops listening skills, and generates a positive atmosphere in your group.

This is not a . . .

This game ignites the imagination, engages the body and voice, and generates a lot of laughter.

We Are the Ones

A rousing, motivating song by the US a cappella group, Sweet Honey in the Rock.

Waves Are Coming In

A beautiful 3 part song that celebrates the magnificence of the ocean.

Belle Mama

This simple song of unknown origin celebrates “belle mama”–beautiful mother earth. You can sing it in 3-part harmony, or in a round of up to 8 parts.

Every Little Cell

This happy invocation celebrating health is bound to stick in your head all day.

One Heart Beating

A happy song by Sue Kirkpatrick that brings a group together in harmony.


A South African traditional gospel song led by Cape Town facilitator Xoli Fuyani.