Creative Facilitation 1

Creative Facilitation 1 is a 12 hour experiential training that introduces you to the world of Creative Empowerment Facilitation. CF1 provides a framework for integrating creative practices into all aspects of your facilitation. Whether you are a new or experienced facilitator, this is the place to begin your training in Creative Empowerment Facilitation.

Learn new facilitation strategies and gain confidence in your creativity and your ability to be an engaging and inspirational leader.

Learn how to weave creative activities into any program to increase depth, relevance, and engagement.

Learn strategies for developing a safe space that allows people to take creative risks that bonds a group as if by magic.

Receive a tool box of easy-to-lead activities you can use the very next day to bring depth and heart to your programs.

You can use what you learn in CF1 in any program regardless of the content, format, or audience. Increase your impact and effectiveness as a group leader:


Who is this training for?

In CF1 we hope that you discover how creative you actually are and that we all have an innate ability to express ourselves—once we know we don’t have to be perfect! Also, although you’ll be learning to lead creative activities, no experience with the arts is required. This training is for anyone who wants to jump start their creativity including beginning and advanced facilitators. In particular this training will benefit teachers, youth workers, counselors, teaching artists, social service professionals, life coaches, and people who lead adult trainings.

Participation Requirements

Sliding Scale – $250/$375/$500

Partners for Youth Empowerment employs a sliding scale as a tool to promote economic justice and provide access to all. We invite you to self select your registration fee using our Sliding Scale as a guide. Based on where you fall on the sliding scale, you are welcome to choose the rate that works best for you.

If your circumstances do not allow you to attend at our posted rates, you are welcome to request a scholarship though our Scholarship Program. We recognize that along with individual income differences, there are inequalities of the exchange rate in converting to the US dollar around the world. If you apply for a scholarship, you will be contacted when a space becomes available. Please note that we may not be able to get you into the training date of your choice.


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