Charles D. Terry, JD

Langley, WA, USA

Charles is President of Terry-MacGregor Associates, a consulting group in Langley, WA, US. He has 40 years experience advising philanthropists, foundations, and NGO’s. He served as Director of Philanthropy for the Rockefeller Family Office and Rockefeller Financial Services in New York City and as President of The Philanthropic Collaborative. He was founder, co-founder, founding board member and/or a core developer of a number of organizations which have pioneered new approaches and been widely seen as models, including The Door, a multiservice center for teenagers in NYC; the NYU Law School Program in Urban Law; Guidestar, Inc., “the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations”; The Bravewell Collaborative for Integrative Medicine; Enso House, a hospice home on Whidbey Island, and others. His current artistic passion is digital photography, particularly documenting the lives of children around the world.