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Can You Hear Me? Workshop with Rachael Edge (August 2021)

Susan Janow

Workshop Title: Can You Hear Me?
Workshop Description: Join Rachael Edge from the Toronto area where together you will experience vocal exploration, storytelling and the magic of being witnessed for anyone who is longing for connection. This workshop does not require you to show up on video and instead focuses on being present, active listening and stories that lay within the body.

At the Can You Hear Me? workshop with Rachael Edge (Redge), we experienced the power of listening to each other. Here are some reflections from a few of the participants:

'If I can laugh I can sing, if I can cry I can sing. EVERYONE is a singer.'
'I like how such a simple activity and overcoming fears can build confidence.'
'I’m taking away the joyful expression I heard and it’s inspiring me to sing this evening!'

For those that attended, here is a note from RedgeI want to take the time to thank everyone for coming out to "Can You Hear Me?" Today's workshop was a beautiful, vulnerable space that was filled with so many brave, courageous people like you! That being said, with vulnerability and waking up the voice, sometimes it can spark other sensations in the nervous system/body or change moods simultaneously. This is a reminder to take care of yourself, show compassion, care, and love to your voice. You did a thing! 🙂


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