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Connect with Your Inner Nature with Aida Gadallah (Feb 2021)

Susan Janow

February 9, 2021

Connect with Your Inner Nature with Aida Gadallah

There is plenty of evidence that exposure to nature is good for our health, well-being and happiness. We are a part of nature but we become less connected with it because we are deeply embedded in the human-made world. In this workshop, led by Egyptian, Aida Gadallah, we will connect with nature through our imagination and creativity to discover more about who we are and learn from natures teachings. We will go on a journey together through Creative Visualisation and touch on mindfulness practice, storytelling, drawing creative writing to explore our inner world where we find nature is our teacher.

At the Connect with Your Inner Nature with Aida Gadallah, we connected with nature as a way to bring self-awareness and connection. According to Aida, the design of this workshop was the result of a mixture of components.

  1. Her early call to connect with nature since she was young had such a powerful impact on her; it has filled her heart with love, hope, inspiration, and power which helped her to carry on and face life challenges.
  2. Her belief that the universe is one thing. It's a Sufi concept called وحدة الوجود (similar to pantheism) indicating that we are connected to nature and we can learn more about ourselves through it.
  3. The concept of projection; we project parts of ourselves on things or people so when you choose a part of nature you have been led in a hidden way by your projection. Her source about projection is from a book called Jung's Map Of the Soul.
  4. In a course about using storytelling in healing she experienced an activity where she was asked to imagine herself in a boat going to an island. There she met a person who said: 'Hi I'm part of your shadow. Now how does this person look ? What is its name? What is its mood? What is its body language? What is its gift to you? Is there anything this person wants to tell you?' Then she was asked to free write about her experience.

Aida's hope was that by sharing her beliefs, learnings, and experiences together in this workshop, she would inspire others to connect deeply with nature, appreciate, respect it, and see nature as a teacher who can help us to raise self-awareness and be more connected to ourselves.

Here are the Resources from this workshop:

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