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Moving into 2021 with Silvia Giovannoni (Jan 2021)

Susan Janow

January 12, 2021

Moving into 2021: a movement manifesto with Silvia Giovannoni 

A workshop to help us move into 2021 with an expanded sense of possibility. We will move individually and together to explore how movement can help clarify where or what we want to move towards in the new year.  We will use different movement and embodiment resources, writing and group work in this exploration. For those who facilitate groups and want to incorporate movement it’s an opportunity to take away new ideas and inspiration to use in your work.

At the Moving into 2021 workshop with Silvia Giovannoni, we danced together and created our personal manifesto! Here are a few of the manifestos created by participants in the workshop (click here to see more!). So beautiful and heartfelt!


"Movement moves through me.
Awakening my fire, rejuvenating, nourishing my bones.
I walk with courage, creativity and magic.
All I have to do is show up"
"I embrace my wild animal nature.
I walk with a lightness, a twinkle in my step.
My body, like water, flowing, twisting, dancing - joyfully."
"I embrace.
Movements that push me out of my comfort zone in order to grow.
I walk guided by the rhythms that naturally reside in me.
I commit to creating spaces that allow me to embrace all of me through my action"


Here are the Resources from this workshop:

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