Erina Mitich

Executive Director


Erina brings nearly two decades of experience as an international development and humanitarian professional¬†working with nonprofit organizations globally, from large NGOs to founder-led startups. Prior to joining PYE, she was the Director of Institutional Partnerships at an Oakland-based nonprofit working at the intersection of training, workforce development, technology and social advocacy to advance the lives and livelihoods of individuals who have experienced human trafficking. Gender, women’s and children’s rights have always been rooted in her personal and professional passion: as a responder to the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, Erina helped design child-friendly spaces to address the immediate physical, emotional and psycho-social needs of children and their families using play-based approaches. While living in Bangkok, Thailand, she oversaw education programs across Southeast Asia to improve basic education access and quality in some of the most remote communities. In her new role as PYE’s next Executive Director, Erina is excited to continue working and advocating for the well-being of young people while exploring new ways of affecting positive change through imagination, hope and creativity. Erina has a M.A. in International Peace & Conflict Resolution from American University and a B.A. in International Studies from UC Irvine. She currently lives in San Diego, CA with her spouse and two children.