I Am Worthy

A beautiful affirmation and empowerment song, taught by facilitator Metta Paterson.

Facilitator Metta Paterson shares the song I Am Worthy, written by Yvette Narlock. This song is a beautiful affirmation and empowerment song.


I am worthy,
I am worthy,
I am worthy,
I am worthy of love.


This is a gentle and calming song that works well to bring the group’s energy down.

You can vary the word ‘I’ to be ‘you’, ‘they’, ‘we’ etc.

This song, I Am Worthy, was created in 2007 by Yvette Narlock who was born and raised in and around San Francisco, California:

“I was born a flower child’s child and very influenced by the political movements of the 60’s and 70’s. Followed a beautiful woman to Vancouver, BC and never left because the land is powerful and thriving and there are many good kindred folk. Travelled extensively through Asia, Africa and Europe. Music and empowering youth have been my love, bread and butter. Family, animals and nature rule my heart. Happily and deeply connected to my life partner Miss BL.”

“I feel incredibly honoured to have this song shared. I wrote it, or channelled it, at a time when I was down and doubting my worth. I needed a mantra to sing over and over again so I could remember the truth of who I am, who we are, deeply worthy of love. This song is for everyone, whenever they need it. In a sense, it doesn’t belong to me. It’s simply a tool for healing and empowering.”

Video Credit: Jesse Sternburg and Gani Naylor

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