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About Partner for Youth Empowerment

Partners for Youth Empowerment (PYE) is a global non-profit, based in the Seattle, WA area dedicated to liberating the creative potential of young people. Our creative community model empowers young people ages 13-19, along with educators, youth workers and social artists who support youth in their communities.  PYE is in an exciting time in its evolution. We have just landed some major contracts and new investors that are calling us to both deepen our purpose and expand our global network—and we are embarking on an incredible journey.  

Since 1996, our Power of Hope camps have inspired and uplifted thousands of young people to express their creative confidence, develop positive identity and build relationships across differences to strengthen their communities.  We have trained thousands of youth and adults in more than 20 countries with our creative community model. Together with our global network of  Creative Facilitation practitioners and partner youth organizations, we  have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people around the world.

We are a small but mighty staff working with a modest budget, yet because we work collaboratively and innovatively, together with our practitioners and partners, we are able to achieve a large impact.  As young people today are facing intersecting traumas and systemic inequities such as racial injustice and climate catastrophe that deteriorate health, society, communities, families and the earth, we are reckoning with our responsibility and our own creative potential to serve them even better than before.

Working at PYE

At PYE we embrace personal and organizational healing as part of work.  We position ourselves as learners, commit to self-exploration and growth, demonstrate vulnerability and authenticity,  and ground our work from a position of abundance while embracing complexity.  

In this spirit, we follow a 30-hour work week as a  key value of holistically supporting staff, humanizing work and living into values of restoring ease and well-being, amplifying our creative agency to serve our purpose and maintaining healthy commitment to community. 

PYE believes it is essential that every member of the team embodies our certain characteristics to create healthy and creative spaces for ourselves and young people to thrive.  A PYE Core Team Member is a relational person who fits into a culture that is deeply committed to fostering community spaces in which the following needs are tended: 

  • Expressing ourselves through artistic practices accessible to everyone 
  • Developing emotional resilience  and exploring our inner worlds 
  • Nurturing relationships with ourselves, eachother, the land and community
  • Standing in our truth and power, and holding ourselves and each other accountable
  • Practicing a multi-racial, inclusive commitment to social justice

We are committed to creating an even more diverse team and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We encourage and value applicants with lived experience in non-dominant social  locations.

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