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    In order to participate fully in this training, you must have all of the following:

    • -A laptop, desktop computer, or tablet
    • -Webcam, speakers, and microphone
    • -Uninterrupted cellular service or WiFi
    • -The most recent version of the Zoom Desktop Client installed on your device
    • -A quiet and distraction free space to work in with a bit of room for some physical activities.
    • -Black pen or pencil.
    • -Oil pastels or crayons.
    • -Colored markers (wide-tip are ideal).
    • -A couple sheets of large drawing paper (18″X22″ is a good size). If these aren’t accessible to you, tape smaller sheets of paper together.
    • -8½ x 11 paper or a journal for writing.
    • -Optional: Musical instruments, costumes, scarves.