Melanie Schambach

Colombia, Guatemala, Canada

Melanie Schambach, a Colombo-Canadian artist and facilitator, employs social art to unpack narratives of identity, belonging, and social equity through both painted and virtual murals. With notable collaborations spanning Egale, Lummi Nation, and the City of Vancouver, her works have been displayed in spaces like the Seattle Art Museum, Vancouver’s Harbour Centre, and Pittsburgs’ Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Growing up in a Colombian fog forest, her values of community and nature took form. However, moving to Guatemala City and facing persecution transformed her perception of truth, voice, and justice. Melanie found solace in art, eventually realizing the collective magic that collective art-making could offer. As an artist, she has bridged the gap between academic art and soulful community art, engaging over 10,000 participants in participatory paintings focused on pressing societal issues. Throughout her career, Melanie has championed arts processes for almost 200 non-arts organizations, training over 500 individuals in creative facilitation. She sees painting not merely as a medium but as a movement, reshaping narratives and uplifting voices that often remain unheard.