Olusola Adebiyi

United Kingdom

Olusola Adebiyi, AKA Sola Story, is a Creative Facilitator and performance storyteller with an international profile. He is the founder and director of Narrative Mindfulness Ltd, and co founder of Rebirth of The Griot, a monthly African Storytelling and Spoken Word showcase. When asked why do you storytell? Sola Story replies “to paint change making images with compelling narratives: inspiring children, young people and adults to believe that the world of their longing: of their fond heart’s desire is achievable.”

Sola Story as well as telling stories, also has created and delivers a programme called Mythic Medicine: a conceptual modality that mixes storytelling, play, Physical Storytelling (based on Kazimba Ngoma: African fighting arts) and multi-arts with mindfulness.  “Mythic Medicine is mapping the events of our lives through metaphor and story: becoming aware of what the stories mean for us and using mindfulness, movement and other processes to relax into acceptance: This seems to increase people’s receptivity to meaning and their ability to tune in to their intuitive knowing.” He spins yarns and tells tales in venues all over the country and has a verifiable track record of consistently engaging, enthralling and powerfully impacting audiences and participants in every interaction.