Sawfish Short Code Examples

This page is for testing purposes only.

For each of these, change Private Event from TRUE to FALSE in the short code on the actual page

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Creative Facilitation 1 | Seattle
Friday, June 23 and Saturday, June 24
9:00am-5:00pm US Pacific
Location: TBD
Instructors: Creative Facilitation 1 is a 2-day experiential training that introduces you to the world of Creative Empowerment Facilitation. CF1 provides a framework for integrating creative practices into all aspects of your facilitation.
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Creative Facilitation 2 | Seattle
Friday, August 11 - Saturday, August 12
9:00am-5pm US Pacific
Location: Seattle TBD
Instructors: Creative Facilitation 2 is a 2-day experiential training where you’ll use learning and practice to help you to develop skills and confidence as a Creative Empowerment Facilitator.
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