Shona Malanga

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A Zulu anti-apartheid song led by Cape Town facilitator Xoli Fuyani.

Facilitator Xoli Fuyani from Cape Town, South Africa shares the song Shona Malanga, a Zulu song which became an anti-apartheid protest song.

Phonetic Pronunciation:

Part 1 (Repeat 4x):

Group 1 (call):                                         Group 2 (answer):

1. Shoh-nah                                                  1. Shoh-nah mah-lahn-gah

2. Shoh-nah mah-lahn-gah sho-        2. Shoh-nah mah-lahn-gah

Part 2 (Repeat 3x):

Group 1 (call):                                          Group 2 (answer):

Say see zoh                                                 dee-bah-nah, dee-bah-nah, woh tahn doh em sah beh nee


Video Credit: Jesse Sternburg and Gani Naylor

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