Our Community Celebrates the Influence of Bob Marley

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How did Bob Marley inspire you? To celebrate our partnership with Ben & Jerry’s and the 1Love Foundation we asked our community to drop by our Facebook page and tell us how the music and life of Bob Marley inspired them.

Take a look at the top 20 responses:

Melody Cat: Well I started listening to Bob Marley when I was about fourteen, and he’s remained one of my all time favorite artists. I’m constantly inspired by his lyrics and the way he saw the troubles of the world so clearly and yet had such a strong message of love. I see him as a prophet and a mystic, and if there’s anyone I could go back in time to meet it would be him

Mayan Patel: I’m inspired by Bob in that so many of his songs emphasize the power of connection between each other and meeting the world. Also it is such a powerful message to find your own voice and stand by it. Building community and making impact are two very important themes in my life.

Lyla Horley: Bob Marley inspired me to get up and dance at the school disco x

Louise James: I was inspired to have one love !!

Siobhan Lucy: bob marleys music always takes me to sunnier climes when i listen to it. Just perfect

Mel Maisy: Bob Marley has inspired me to not worry and be happy when things get tough

Tracey Parker: Inspired me to lose inhibitions and dance!

Eva Vida: Bob Marley inspired me to sing no matter what people say or think.Singing makes me happy, and I believe he promoted happiness in many people’s lives.

Helen Lloyd: “Don’t worry about a thing, ‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right” – I think everyone should live by these lyrics.

Jo Thorp: Life is too short too worry about a thing x x appreciate everything I have , especially my husband and my beautiful so

Joe Mitchell: Bob Marley has inspired me to take a relaxed, calm and happy approach to life because of his powerful emphasis on peace and love. He saw the beauty in life and our world, but also encouraged people to love each other and that’s an important thing in my eyes.

Stephanie Dunmore: That you need to roll with the punches, but stand up for what you believe in.

Jules Selling: Bob Marley has inspired me to not take everyday problems so seriously, chill out and enjoy life

Joel Taylor: He inspired me to not worry about the mistakes I have made in the past. dont worry be happy

Natalie White: He inspired me to turn to music when I’m feeling sad, and let it take me to a happier place

Natalie Crossan: I spent most of my childhood listening to Bob Marley with my Dad in his car. Particularly Redemption Song. Bob Marley helped me to be a calmer person

Deborah Swain: I was a teenager in 1978, when I first had the pleasure of hearing ‘Exodus’…’Ice Cream’ed with delight!! ….I became intrigued with this ‘Buffalo Soldier’, and, his Rastafarian beliefs!…to quote the legend himself ..”One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” ….his music not only hit me, it caused a ‘War’ in my soul! .. inspired me to get out of the ‘Concrete Jungle’ , treat everyday like the ‘Sun is Shining’ ! ..now, thanks to Bob, me, and, my ‘Three Little Birds’ ( hubby, and, 2 kids) are ‘Jamming’ along nicely!

Zoe Roxby: Bob Marley is an inspiration his music tells a story about how struggles and people can make life seem hard but there can be hope found in the littlest of things and as long as you believe in love and have determination you have the strength to go on.

Lindsey Clark: He sings about real life and all its complexities. He also inspires you to go after your dreams, even if you come from humble beginnings, you can become a LEGEND. As Bob said “Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny”.

Patricia Smith: Bob taught me to think, to stand up for your rights, to look for the two little birds. The beauty in little things that it’s too easy to miss

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