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Creative Catalyst Workshop Series

FREE 90 minute workshops led by PYE facilitators from around the world!

Join us to see for yourself how the Creative Empowerment Model sparks creativity, connection and inspiration with our incredible PYE trainers from around the world. 

Studies show that creative expression reduces stress and trauma, increases the immune response, and fosters personal well being and group connection. Each Creative Catalyst workshop demonstrates how to use creative expression for your own well being as well as to deepen the impact of any work you may do with groups of youth or adults, online or in person. No previous experience is required to benefit from these workshops.

Increase your confidence in your own creativity and your own personal well-being.

Learn facilitation tips from facilitators from around the world on how to engage creatively online with groups.

Learn activities that can be used to increase social/emotional literacy and life skills for youth and adults.

Experience the power of well-facilitated on-line learning programs.



More trainings coming soon!

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The Creative Catalyst Series brings the practice of creative expression to you wherever you are in the world. This program began due to the generous support from the Garneau Nicon Family Foundation and participants like you. These workshops are offered free to all, and we appreciate your support in keeping it going. Thank you!


CREATIVE CATALYST WORKSHOPS (April 2020 – December 2021)

The Creative Catalyst workshops began as a way to keep the Partners for Youth Empowerment community connected during the covid-19 pandemic. The series has been a playground for online creative facilitation and though it, we grew and developed our online trainings.

  • Workshop Archive – see a list of all of the workshops that we have offered in this series, as well as links to the workshop resources.
  • Click here to see the beautiful Visual Notes from many of the workshops as illustrated by Christopher Malapitan.

The Facebook Third Thursday Live Forum Discussion group provided an online space for facilitators to connect from around the world in deep conversation and learning about creative facilitation practices.